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Pompom i parken 050702

Snart är det dags för Pompom i parken, utgåva nr. 2 för i år. På lördag den 2:a juli kl. 1500 sätter vi igång i Folkparken. Vid dåligt väder flytter vi hela evenemanget till Kulturkammarens foajé. Läs mer under evenemang.


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    HOLY SHIT! Finally someone else who isn't big on "Day"… I thought I was the only one. To be honest Bub just pisses me off more than anything else. The beginning of the end, to me.Awesome post. List keeps getting better and

  • acefrez October 20, 2011 I read through this blog and it was amazing.I learned about the hist of project black jack and how you guys became one of the top drift teams in forza.Also I heard you guys disband and theirs is no longer this no more is it true?Or are you guys making a comeback?

  • Oooh, I like the thai-food-out dress! It's great to see the rain relent a bit…and to hear that you can have some quiet moments without locking yourself in the bathroom.

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