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Hultsfredsarrangemang i november

I Metropolhuset arrangeras nästa vecka en träff för musiker med en mängd branschaktörer dit även du är bjuden.

Big Bang Experience 24-25/11
För dig som vill producera musik – ett möte med verkligheten bakom teorierna.

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    I honestly don't think it matters if someone else is triggered by your photos. You can't please everyone and there will always be something in a post that is trrnegiigg to someone. I like food photos, especially when they are good photos with a good camera ;)I blog on Sunday evenings with a recap of something that went on over the weekend, but otherwise take the time off. Sometimes I don't even read my reader, either!

  • Diann, Re: fennel. It's been my experience that the fennel you are describing isn't much used because there not much to eat. Because everything is pureed in this soup it might work here and would certainly do no harm. Don't use the fronds, but go ahead and add about a cup of the chopped stems and see what happens.

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