Nemcom - Norrköping Electronic Music Community

We are Nemcom

For more than seven years Norrköping Electronic Music Community (NEMCOM) have arranged meetings and events within the electronic music scene. A copious amount of theme clubs, cafés, concerts, festivals and special events have been arranged throughout the years, often in cooperation with high-profile artists and groups.

We mix minimal techno and house clubs, such as Kooky, with the down-to-earth atmosphere and intimate discussion groups as presented at Sunday Dessert. During the summers we bring the speakers outdoors for the bi-weekly Pompom parties at Folkparken in Norrköping.

If you’d like to know more about us or our acts, drop us a line at info[a]

You can also check out our broadcasts at Bambuser or come meet us at Facebook.

For more info, you could always browse our site through Google translate.